Approved Training Organisation (ATO) MKD.ATO.OOl
Rimin Air Ltd. has been approved as an Approved Training Organisation (MKD.ATO.001) by CAA of North Macedonia. The training is done in accordance with Part-FCL regulations.


We are proud to offer you ICAO/EASA English language proficiency examination at our site in Shtip, North Macedonia. Our language proficiency examiner (LPE) is authorised to perform examinations for both pilots and air traffic controllers for English operational levels up to and including level 6.

In partnership with ProfiPilot TSP/LAB (Aerolanguage), approval reference SVK.LAB.004 from NAA of Slovakia you will be able to get ICAO/EASA certificate for ELP recognised all over EU.

English Language Proficiency (ELP) examination


What is ICAO English?

ICAO standards now demand that all pilots flying internationally and all air traffic controllers providing services to international flights must have a minimum level of English. This level of English is known as ICAO Operational Level 4.

Candidates are awarded a score from 1 to 6 for each of the 6 skills:

- pronunciation

- structure

- vocabulary

- fluency

- comprehension

- interactions.


It is the lowest of these 6 marks which decides the overall score.



The validity of ICAO English qualification depends on your current language skills. Your skills are reflected in so-called ICAO English Levels.

To harmonize ICAO language proficiency requirements with the EASA ones, the system of Levels has been established by both regulatory standards.

Depending on the ICAO Level achieved, your ICAO English exam has the following validity:

  • LEVEL 4 - 3 years pursuant to ICAO for both pilots and ATCOs and 4 years pursuant to Regulation No. 1178/2011 for pilots only.
  • LEVEL 5 - 6 years for both pilots and ATCOs.
  • LEVEL 6 - unlimited for pilots), 10 years for ATCOs.



The ICAO English exam itself does not take more than 25-35 minutes. To be safe however, it is better if you set aside at least an hour. For sample exam, look at the section below.


Test provider and certification

Aero Language as a registered trademark of ProfiPilot s.r.o. is authorized by the Slovak Transport Authority to provide training and examination of aviation English in accordance with the ICAO Doc 9835 and the European Comission Regulation No. 1178/2011 (Part - FCL), approval reference SVK.LAB.004.


Exam location
Shtip , North Macedonia

or via online platform


Exam registration at:


More information at:

Tel: +389 78 589 531


Sample test

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